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Brewers Best

How do the brewers best kits measure up, its what my lhbs carries

In my limited experience.

1 BB kit and 1 NB kit - the BB kit was not as fresh. Granted it was an x-mas gift and I should have brewed it sooner than I did. And I have access to the NB Milwaukee store.

I also preferred the LME in the plastic at milk jug at NB over the canned in BB.

I have done 1 BB kit and 2 NB kits and they seem about the same. Personally I like the NB kits but the BB kits are what my lbs carries.

I’ve done a couple of BB kits as demos, and several NB kits back when I started. I think the NB kits are just plain better recipes in most cases. And freshness can be an issue. That siad, if you have a LHBS I’d at least buy some of my stuff from them just to help keep them in business.

I have done a few BB kits and have been pretty pleased with the results. I suspect the NB kits might be a little more fresh, but honestly I have never had an issue with this.

Happy brewing!


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