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Brewer’s Edge Mash&Boil?

Hello does anyone know what the boil off rate is for this brewing system. I try multiple test’s with water an keep coming up with different boil off rate’s?

Boil off rate will depend on how hard you boil as well as the circumferece of the vessel and can be affected by hummidity on any given day. So someone elses M&B may be close to your boil off rate but it’s not likely to offer you more than your owns tests have as a baseline.

How much variance was there in your tests?

As I only brew in my private jet I also have a very hard time determining boil of rates.


That would be tough. I tried once in my space ship…was fine until i left our atmosphere.

Sorry, missing the point. Spaceship? Private jet?

I looked and folks are saying .5 GPH or so. I’m a traditional kettle guys so no idea.

@squeegeethree atmospheric pressure would be an issue for you compared to heat upon re-entry for @uncdeo.

As @dannyboy58 said it really differs due to many factors. I plan for about a gallon.

I plan on a gallon an hour but watching the pot will F up your calculations… further proving Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.


When i brew in my submarine. About 1.5 gal boil of rate


I have a Mash & Boil and have done about 10 batches on it. My boil off rate is always around 0.7 GPH. Hope this helps.

You must have those burners blasting! Below sea level in a submarine would reduce boiloff. Humidity here in Florida also is a bear. The Lesser Antilles are a bit arid though, no? (depends on what side of the Island you’re on in St. Croix…)

Me on bonaire. Lots of moisture in the air. And hot at the moment. Now with new brewery room. I do brew inside. So bit use of burners full power

Right, Bonaire. I just mentioned St. Croix as I remember it well from a vacation years ago, Very dry, cactuses, sandy/ rocky on the east side. Triple canopy rain forest on the slopes/west side.

I bet you’re going to love that brewery room!

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Why? He’s brewing in a sub… Too much moisture… jettison it out the torpedo volute… Now, back to brewing! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

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That was funny guys!! Laughing out loud.

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Fell total in love with my room. Even my wife says. Why dont you move your bed there spent so much time in there. Even got airo going now.

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