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Brewed with Zebra Muscles

This article was in the Star Tribune here in Minneapolis showcasing Excelsior Brewing and how they used Zebra Muscles in a new beer recipe.

Check it out… Sounds gross, but I would definitely try it.

Well, Flying Dog brews a stout with oysters. Why not I guess?

Interesting choice but not a good business decision to advertise that the mussels are in their beer. It’s jumping the shark like the Fonz did. Not referring to your avatar.

Brewing with zebra mussels is like brewing with worms or cockroaches. Sounds pretty nasty to me. To each his own I guess.

If they need some more zebra muscles, I can help. Our lake has loads of them and you can get cut badly stepping on them. They suck! Does not sound like a tasty beer ingredient though.

Wow, I love the idea Flying Dog brews a stout with oysters. Very interesting

There are quite a few oyster stouts out there, actually. Not my thing, but why not. Supposed to add a salty, “essence of the sea” quality. Which sounds better than “essence of the lake.”

They both sound disgusting, but if i could get a free sample or cheap taster I would try them…can’t knock it til you try it, right?

zebra muscles; or zebra mussels?

Whilst I am a fan of stouts, I really detest oysters/mussels. With that in mind, I’ve had an Oyster stout (real oysters added) and I didn’t think it was too bad. I wouldn’t have picked the addition if I hadn’t known, but I did detect a hint of a briney / iodine sort of taste in it, although very subtle.

Not something I’d get again, but not terrible either.

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