Brewed 5 gallon batch with 1.5 gallon water

Hello all,
I recently brewed a batch of extra pale ale but I forgot a gallon of water and boiled the batch with 1.5 gallons water. I added the rest of the water to the primary before pitching but I am not sure if this batch is going to be ruined or not.

your beer will be much darker and your hop utilization will be lower so the hop bitterness will be less, but you made beer and you may like it. It will just be different than what it could have been. I have made mistakes in brewing and the beer still tasted good so relax and get started on your next beer.

Thanks I couldn’t believe I forgot the water, I even had a gallon jug filled and ready. I am going to do a black IPA on friday is it ok to do a yeast starter with dry yeast?

No it is not. It can be harmful to dry yeast to use a starter.

The cell count in a 11g packet of yeast is plenty.

Because it is higher gravity should I let the bottles condition longer?

Are you referring to your first batch? Is so, if you topped off to 5 gallons, the gravity should be what you planned.

With dry yeast you only need to rehydrate according to the package instructions. I do a starter when I’m pitching one pack into a 10 gallon batch, but for 5 you don’t need to. That’s why I like dry yeast - it’s easy and reliable.