BrewDog Recipes

I thought this was pretty neat and very awesome for a brewery to do. BrewDog, a brewery out of the UK, has published a very comprehensive list including the recipe for each beer in their catalog. It is a good read, and a lot of them look very tasty. Sadly I don’t think their brews can be found in the States just yet, at least that I know if. Here is a link to their blog post:

Here is a link to the download page (it is in PDF format)

I’ve heard that they are building a brewery in Ohio. Any truth to that?


They are. I can finally give their beer a fair chance. I’ve had imported bottles a few times that were muddy, stale, and gross. Because they were old and not stored well, hopefully.

That’s awesome. My wife has cousins in Columbus, so hopefully we’ll get to make a trip up there once the brewery is up and running. Thanks for the info Uber.



Ron you’ll be in luck. It’s being built in Canal Winchester, a suburb of Columbus. I’m hoping that this improves the beer’s freshness and flavors as I’ve not been impressed.

From their TV show, where they claim in the opening credits that they brewed the worlds strongest beers, (one of which they bottled in squirrel carcasses,) I was expecting a greater percentage of high gravity beers. Most seem pretty session strength.

I didn’t see it spelled out anywhere, and again I’m making assumptions based on the TV show, but I’m guessing these recipes are written for whole-leaf hops?

Almost all recipes call for “Extra Pale” malt. Are they referring to Maris Otter, Crisp, or some other? My LHBS doesn’t have an extra pale nor does Northern Brewer. Their kit even uses 2 row.
On another note… I’ve loaded some of the recipes into my software and nothing gets close to their numbers. Especially the IBU’s. They stated afterwards that they know hop variables will exist so they were vague. My SRM never gets close, as well. Anyone have this problem?

I was assuming Pilsner for XPale, but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m of mixed feeling about listing hop additions as Start/Middle/End. Is the vague timing, and the fact that some boils specify longer than 60 minutes causing the IBU mismatch?