Brewday Tips

I’m writing a blog for YCH Hops and the first one just came out… . Hope you find it helpful!


Nicely written. It does take two beers and snacks for me to finish a brew.

Everyone has their own ways. That’s what I’ve found works for me. I like to start early, get the cleanup done by 1-2 PM and then have my beers.

No matter how early I start, it’s hard to not have a ceremonial hot scotchy with the first runnings, and one beer during the boil. But I know what you mean…

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Some good tips there to keep in mind for sure. I had a system down for the way I was brewing, but now that I’ve upgraded all of my equipment, I’m working out a new approach. I’ve collected some empty “spreadable” butter tubs (the little ones) that I use for my hop additions instead of ziploc bags, partly because I had the idea of color coding to differentiate between early and late additions.

Since I’m brewing outside now, I’ve also taken to cracking a beer and lighting up a cigar on brew day. Makes it that much more enjoyable to me, I tend to stay really relaxed and focused like that.

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Having a beer or two while brewing is like having a beer or two during any other hobby. It affects your performance; but if that’s a trade you’re willing to make because it makes your hobby time more enjoyable then so be it.

On the other hand, I think it’s a fairly common mistake, among home brewers to over-indulge on brew day. You need a clear head at the end of a brew. And for the glass loving brewers, moving a glass carboy when intoxicated is outright dangerous.

For most people, I would think that one sessionable beer during brew day would hardly hurt your performance. Interestingly enough, for me at least, one or two brews actually improves my fine motor skills (it’s been tested). Granted, I’m not recommending everyone try it, lol.

That said… I think you bring up a very important point about handling glass while imbibing, definitely a dangerous combination!

A good read Denny, but I’m starting to get worried. I already do all those things. Does that make me off my rocker too?

If the shoe fits…:wink: