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BrewCrate is doing homebrew by subscription starting Nov. 15

Hey folks,

), a new homebrew supply service, is launching this Friday and will be providing 1 gallon kits for $20 a pop, shipped to you every month. It’s a subscription service and they are focused pretty heavily on the brew experience and making sure that newbies and experts alike can get something out of it.

The vitals:

  1. 1 gallon kit, BIAB all-grain
  2. monthly kit comes with all the stuff you need for one brew session
  3. Equipment kit available for $50 if you’re a newbie
  4. new recipe every month
  5. Launch promo of $75 for 3 months + equipment kit (great for gifts).

Full disclosure, I’m working with the team on their launch, but it’s a very cool product and I wish them well. :cheers:

Cool idea, wish I’d thought of it. I probably would have subscribed to this kind of thing a few years ago, but now that I’m well into a nearly annual routine for my brews I don’t have much use for it. Good luck with the launch!

I generally avoid any websites that provide no real information, and just request an email address. I may check back when a proper website is running.

Midwest does a kit-of-the-month club too, except 5-gal. A 1 gal kit seems more appealing for a subscription.

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