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Brewcraft buckets

I have two brewcraft buckets from a kit I bought and they came with a spigot. Problem is, both the spigot and the spot it potentially matches are sealed shut with no puncture holes anywhere. Anyone know how the hell I utilize these things? I’d burn the holes open, but I don’t want to irreparably damage them… unless necessary :smiley:

Just drill a 1" hole in the bucket. You can get a single hole saw bit for that and use a drill. I don’t know what you mean about the spigot being sealed shut. It should have a nut and gasket on the threaded part that will seal when tightened down on the bucket.

I think the kits usually come with one bucket predrilled, at least the ones I’ve seen did.

Brewing in a bucket with a spigot is risking an infection unless you disassemble the spigot and sanitize prior to each time you use the bucket. You also need to be sure to thoroughly flush the spigot with sanitizer if you use it to pull a sample, otherwise you can infect the batch as you transfer to the bottling bucket. You can use a spade bit to drill out the hole - make it just slightly larger than the spigot post so it’ll pass through without obstruction but not be too big to allow a good seal with the o-ring.

It’d be the bottling bucket fo’ sho. As far as the actual setup goes I’ll post pictures sometime in the coming days so you guys can stare in confusement with me.

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