Brewbilt kettles

Anyone have a brewbilt kettle. I’m looking at the 10 gallon version. It has the 1.2:1 ratio which I don’t really care about the claim that it is best but rather I just like look better. Looks to have some cool features. Any thoughts. I’m trying to buy local and not order something. So far locally I’ve found cheap polar ware kettles which look like tuna cans and I think a lhbs has one of these in stock.

I think if you like it buy it thats my advice.

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Not familiar with the Brewbilt kettle, but would the sale price and 20% off on NB’s 1.2 Megapot influence your choice. $168 without the shipping added.

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I certainly understand about buying local when you can, it’s the way I prefer to do things. I don’t remember if I looked at Brewbilt when I was looking to buy a new kettle (probably did), but I know I looked at the Megapot and the “tuna cans” (PolarWare, Bayou Classic, etc). When I finally settled on something, it was a kettle from Spike Brewing, for the price and features, I didn’t think I could beat that deal. So far I love it and I love the fact that it was made in the USA.


Check out Spike Brewing. Heavy Duty, US made, welded fittings and a better price.

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I did see the NB 20% off coupon this morning. I might have to check them out again. I’ll check out the Spike kettles too.

So I checked out the Spike Brewing kettles and I’m pretty impressed. Looks like I’ll get the 10 gallon with 2 couplers.

My brew partner bought from Spike Brewing and he loves it. I have a Blichmann and I love his Spike Kettle as well - it is as good as mine for sure. And they are from the Brew City - Milwaukee.