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Brew with bacon

Me just read a artical about brewing with bacon. Intresting read. But now me mayby old school or picky beer wise. Me do make a kriek lambic. Or a spicy pepper ale. Stout choc and vanilla Thats a far i stray from the beer brew path. Do think we got to stay true to the original. Path of beer brewing. Seems nowa days. There is lots of pressure at commercial beer brewers. To get their beer to brew pups and bars. So the stranger the beer. The beter. Seems like it. But what happend to. Water grains hops. Yeast. Few years ago nobody complained. But now due to pressure from the beer hype at the moment. They seem to push the beers to the limit taste wise.


I bet a beer pup would like bacon beer


I had a bacon milkshake that was amazing. Don’t see it fitting in beer

I’ve seen these. Never had the urge to try one though

I like when beer tastes like beer… I won’t be helping out the funny flavored brews at all… Sneezles61


A little blast form the past:

My namesake,Voodoo Donut in Portland Oregon, collaborated with Rogue on the Maple Bacon Bar(little known fact, Brad Pitt’s favorite donut! yay) Porter in 2011, the first time I had heard of it. The donuts are amazing, the beer…not so much. BA gave it a 2.8/5.


@wilcolandzaat in the commercial brewing scene there is a push for gimmick beers like this. It’s gets people in the door to buy many other beers.

Edit: not that I like them or make them…

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Yeah i know. Its about selling beer. As a comercial. Brewer. But still guess its my opinion

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