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Brew room flooring?

Not sure where this would best be posted, but just doing so here. I am in the process of building a brew room in my basement. I don’t have the budget for tile and am thinking of just painting/staining/sealing/etc. the concrete floor and using kitchen mats. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge about floor treatments that would be resistant to chemicals (star san, etc)?

My brew area floor is just painted concrete. Haven’t had any issues with star san spills or wiping up other spills. Like any other concrete paint application prep work is key. I scrubbed the concrete with a mild degreaser, rinsed well, dried and put down a concrete bonding primer. Then put down two coats of paint. Used Valspar from lowes for both the concrete bonding primer and latex porch and floor paint. Went with a light gray satin finish.


Epoxy is also another to look at. Be careful if you use it, stuff sticks to everything when in liquid form, and doesn’t come off! Fumes are to be considered whilst applying. Sneezles61

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Sealer and flooring paint from HD.

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How about epoxy, or rubber based floors?

Depends on how much you want to spend. Epoxy is pricey. Rubberised paint if you have a condensation problem. Do you have a lot of spillages.

It so happens that I am a coating inspector as part of my job description. :slight_smile: Personally I’d go with a two-part epoxy, 2-3 coats. Any brand will work. Surface preparation is the most important thing. When applied to a glossy smooth surface, even the best coating will have a tendency to flake off with any traffic. Ensure your floor is absolutely spotless, dry, and rough enough to give the coating something to hold onto. Also ensure the temperature is above 55 F and humidity <80% for the duration of the cure, which in most cases takes at least a week before it is about 95% cured and it will continue to harden more even after that. It might seem dry after a day or two but it’s still soft. Feel free to PM me for more specifics – I might not get back to you immediately but usually within a couple days. Cheers.

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