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Brew rats 1997(ish)

Ok… not sure what the odds are of anyone seeing this, but thought I would give it a shot. Waaaayyyy back in the day, on the brewrats chat board, I did not fulfill my obligation to send out some beer on a beer exchange. Have always felt bad about it. I changed jobs, moved, married, stepkids, quit brewing for a time, blah, blah…Lots of excuses, but that is still no excuse. On the off chance that any of you are on here, PM me, and I would love to fulfill my obligation, with interest. Same handle now, as then.

Will the beer be from 1997 (ish)? :lol:

It was me :mrgreen: I was 13, but it was definitely me. I have not forgotten.

I’m still waiting on beer from the March, 2008 beer pass. If it helps clear your conscience… 8)

Nope - the beer would be from this millennium - Which is probably good, because I wasn’t all that good at brewing back then:)

Skotrat’s brew rat chat? If so I was around about that time but don’t think anyone still owes me beer.

Yep - that would have been the one. It was kind of a beer of the month deal. Got everything out the one year, but the second year I did it, I had a bunch of stuff change rather suddenly, and did not get it done as I should have. Might have been 98 or so, too.

Like send me my free beer eh?

Like send me my free beer eh?[/quote]

This forum is conducted in English. Please do not post in Canadian! :smiley:

This forum is conducted in English. Please do not post in Canadian! :smiley: [/quote]
Jolly right wot. There’s a good chap.

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