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Brew pot

Im about to get into brewing, figured i’d start with extract just to split up cost and get a basics down.

What i’m really interested in is all grain, the idea of creating beer really interests me…

Would the 8 gallon mega pot i plan on getting with out valve or thermometer be useful anywhere in a 5 gal all grain setup? I also plan on gettign the deluxe starter kit from this site. any suggestions?

Yes an 8 gallon pot will work. That is what came with my turkey fryer.

Depending on weather conditions (temp, humidity and wind) and length of boil, you will start with 7 gallons to end with 5-5.5gallons.

When you start the boil, you will have a protein foam build up, like cooking pasta or rice. So be sure to keep an eye on it and have spray bottle of water handy to knock it down. Or purchase some FermcapS.

And, there is nothing wrong with doing a partial boil in an 8 gallon pot.

It would definately work, but I would spend a few extra bucks and get a 10G, you may want to consider getting one with a spigot too, just easier to use and could be a HLT if you step up to 10G…If $$ is a concern, shop around or consider aluminum

I agree that 10 gallon is ideal - that would also let you do “Brew in a Bag” all grain with a single pot before transitioning to a “full” all grain package if you wanted. But, if you go with the 8 gallon, it would be perfect for heating/holding your sparge water. You would never use 8 gallons of sparge water in a 5 gallon batch.

Sorry. Just saw - “without valve or thermometer” - not as useful this way. But, you could use it to heat sparge water and transfer it to an igloo cooler for mash and sparge. 8 gallons is on the small side for a boil kettle when doing a full 5 gallon all grain batch - it can be done, but it is tight.

I think the pot and wortchiller are the two best places to spend money when starting - two crucial pieces of equipment that make your brewday much easier and they last forever.

One other thought - a great place to save money is fermenters - buckets are perfectly fine. Many people prefer them over carboys. What are you paying for that is extra in the deluxe starter kit as opposed to a more basic starter kit. Might be able to use the difference to upgrade somewhere else.

Just a thought. Either way you are on the right track.

Spigots and thermos are easy to install in a pot, so if you start out with the basic pot you can always upgrade later. I have the 8gal megapot and it is a tight fit for 7gal of wort. I use Fermcap S. I generally go 7gal because I lose a gal in boiling, then leave 1/2gal or so in hot/cold break, and maybe 1/2gal in trub when I rack the finished beer. That leaves me with a full 5gal to fill a keg.

Anyone know of a better value than getting the 10 mega pot with valve+thermometer as far as other brands not sold on this site. Ill be using it for 5 gal extract but want it to work for 5 gal all grain as well.

The Megapot is a great pot, and will last you many years. I have one, and I love it. it’s really heavy duty. I’d recommend it. That’s my 2 cents.


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