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Brew pot question

I have a 9 gallon brew pot and I am thinking about using it to deep fry a turkey in it. Would this pose any potential problems for brewing afterwards?

No. I’ve cooked turkeys in my turkey fryer before. Just be sure to clean it well as when you use it again any residual grease really gets caked on the outside of the pot.

If you have to really scrub the crap out of it to get clean after the turkey, you might also think about re-oxidizing. Probably not necessary, but something to keep an eye on…

The only parts that needed extra car/cleaning is what is above the oil line and the handles.

If you have ever worked in a restaurant with a fryer, you know what a pain cleaning dried/baked on oil around the fryer is like. But if you clean it well before reheating the pot with the next beer, there is no concern.

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