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Brew pot damage

So here’s one that may be unique. During my last brew (my first 1 gallon batch) I took my pot off the burner, plunged it into the sink full of ice and water to cool it off. I had the lid on the pot to guard against contamination and two things apparently happened. One, I cooled it VERY quickly and two the lid formed a vapor lock. The result is the bottom of the pot imploded and it now looks like steel drum!

So my question to all is is it safe to bang out the dents as best as I can and continue to use this pot or is it doomed? I’m thinking that as long as it doesn’t have holes in it is should be fine…any metallurgists out there have any advice? I would hate to put it back on the fire and have it fail.

What kind of pot is it?

If alum. or SS, I wouldn’t hesitate to flatten it out.

If it’s enameled, then it will chip.

Can you post a picture?!?

I definitely want to see what this looks like.

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