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Brew pot conversion question

I have a large brew pot. Can convert it to a blichmann style brew pot by adding a thermonmetor and appropriate valve??

Yes, you can add a thermometer and valve, either by getting a welder to add the fittings for you or by using weld-less fittings that you can install yourself.

I recommend a unibit for the holes. Shop around for the valve, you can find them pretty cheap.

where would you recommend finding the valve? I found thermometer I can use.

Ebay is a good place to start. You can find a 1/2" 3 piece SS full port ball valve with free shipping for $19.99

OK that makes me think of a question here. I am no well of funds and was quite happy to find a 15 gal Al pot which I have used for about a year now for brewing on the cheap. I only use it for beer to uncompicate cleaning (I leave the beerstone until it gets silly then clean (green pad) and re-cure the pot. Only had to do that once so I can’t really complain about its performance (certainly not enough to push me to spend the cash for a nice stainless).

Soooo. Can I use the weldless fittings on a Al pot. I figure they are going to be isolated form each other by a gasket and so souldnt cause corrosion but I havent heard of this being done.


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