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Brew mat or brewers edge space heater?

Anyone use either of these with a digital temp controller? The brew mat that you place the fermenter on or the space heater that you place on a wall of an enclosed space.

I’m not using that exact product; I have an arthritis heating pad from CVS. It gets the job done in my 7.1 cu. ft. quite nicely. The only catch is that my pad has a 2-hour shut-off, while the one you linked does not.

My controller almost never runs the pad for 2 hours. It’s really only a problem when I’m trying to ramp-up temps too fast. Typical use for me is about 10 minutes every few hours when the ambient is ~5 degrees below set point. The pad hangs from the basket with binder clips.

The CVS pad is about 1/2 the price. Just avoid the fancy controller; you want the one with a switch that can be left on, and provides heat when plugged in.

+1 to using a CVS heating pad. Shouldn’t be more than $15 and works great in my ferm chamber.

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