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Brew kits

I am a new brewer and just ordered my first beer kits i ordered one that i really liked and the brew kit came with one. do i have to worry about one of the beer kits going bad if i don’t get to it for a couple of weeks.

Keep the yeast in the fridge and the extracts out of the light and away from heat and you should be good to go. I brewed with safale -05 that had been in the fridge for 6 months (not my intent / something came up) and had no problems.

Dry yeast is good for two years from production date if refrigerated. Everything else could be in the frig also, but not necessary. Keep with the other canned goods.

thanks is there any normal issues i should now about that can occur that are not addressed in the book.
really hate when things don’t right and my wife always seem to laugh at me when they do.

Pitch the right amount of yeast. Brewers Friend has a good calculator.
Cool the wort to about 60° before pitching.
Ferment with the wort temperature in the low to mid 60°s.
Working yeast produces heat. Be ready to cool. Swamp cooler.
Primary for at least three weeks. No secoondary unless you have addtions.
Use the hydrometer.
Sanitize with Starsan.

Partial boils and late extract additions really work.

Don’t let your wife read the book…

Follow good sanitation practices, cool your beer to the low end of the recommended temperature of the yeast, have patients for a few weeks and you’ll have great beer you made yourself.

I forgot. Get your wife involved.

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