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Brew In A Bag Question

Does anyone have any Brew in a Bag recipes they are willing to share?

I am an all grain brewer who can’t brew all grain because I live in a tiny apartment. I’m am restricted to mini mash and extract. I would prefer to brew all grain.

I would truly appreciate any recipes.

You can brew any recipe as a BIAB, there’s nothing special about it (I make all my starter beers this way). The only limitation is how much grain you can handle.

Awesome. Thanks for the help.

I see you’re asking the same thing in another thread - are you looking for a recipe or a procedure?

I’m curious to go through the procedures others use. I’m actually really curious about using the Boil in a Bag method for brewing 3 gallon batches, that way I can brew more often.

When I do a MIAB (better name for it since all I’m doing is mashing in the bag, not brewing), I use 5-gallon nylon paint strainer bags, each one holds 5 lbs of grain, a thin mash (2+ qt/lb) in the kettle, and then I add the rest of the water, bring the temp to 165F for 10 minutes, and then pull the grain (no sparging). After that, bring to a boil and proceed as normal.

I BIAB and do sort of a sparge. I mash with somewhere between 1.25-1.5qts of water per pound of grain. I get a second pot of water, usually 1/2 as much as is in the mash, to 170F. When the mash is done, I pull the grain sack out and let it drain. Then, I dunk the sack in the second pot with the sparge (if you want to call it that) water and let it sit for 10min. I then combine the 2 pots of wort into one and boil. The system works well for me. I’m consistently between about 72-78% eff. Sometimes even higher.

And yes, you can BIAB any recipe you want. Your only limitation is how much grain your pot/sack can handle. I’ve mashed up to 13lbs. Anything over that and I have to compensate with some extract in the boil. Or if I’m making a real big beer like some sort of Imperial or Barley Wine, I just brew a 3 or 4gal batch.

P.S. What kind of recipe are you looking for? I’ve been BIABing for a little under a year now and have about 20-25 recipes. But of course, the amount of grain you can mash is the main factor as to what type of beer you can make.

Exactly, there are countless EXCELLENT recipes on this forum…what style are you looking for?

I’m not a MIAB/BIAB brewer but there are some folks over on HBT that are into it:

I’m not looking for anything to big. This year I want to brew a Hefeweizen, IPA, and an Amber Ale to start off with, all BIAB of course.

you can use any of NB’s AG recipes/kits for BIAB. i have not made their hefe or IPA, but their AAA is very good.


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