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Brew in a bag debris

I am doing my first brew in a bag today. Typically when I use the cooler method of mashing, the goal is to set up a grain bed filter and vorlauf to remove grain debris. With brew in a bag we cannot do this and I see that there is a lot more grain debris in the pot right now than with mash in a cooler. Is this debris a problem? If not, then why do we bother to vorlauf with the standard method?

What kind of bag are you using? You shouldn’t have visible pieces of grist in your runnings.

My grain bag filters better than any grain bed or stainless braid.

Mine too I have a brewin bag for my keggle it works great. you sure there isn’t a small hole somewhere.

Not pieces of grist, but a pot that clearly has more “stuff” in it. When I use the cooler I get a cleaner boil than BIAB. Almost like more of the fine four part of the crush gets into the boil. I don’t get that with the cooler method. Do I worry about that?

No, don’t worry about it. If you’re sensitive to tannins you MIGHT taste a slight difference from the grain particles, but seriously, it’s nothing to worry about.

Cool! First BIAB is in the fermenter. 1.094 OG! Megladon Red Ale.

How did you like it? I’ve pretty much switched to all biab.

I loved the process. Made clean up WAY easier. I think all went well. I did not get the kind of temperature control I usually do with the cooler, but I suspect it will be fine. The big day will be in 4 weeks when the ferment is done and I have kegged and carbed and get to taste it. I am hoping very much that I will be happy with the results because I would like to say that this is my new method.

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Once I made the switch, my mash-tun sits in the garage… I’m content, one keggle, one burner, but I do recirc with a pump… Sneezles61

I have no clue how to do this pumping process and how it helps. Can you either explain or provide a resource?

I have a keggle, and it has two outlets. The main one is located very close to the bottom, it is a 1/2" nipple to which I put a TEE, there I have a thermometer to monitor temps, then from the bottom of that TEE I have a hose hooked up and that leads down to the input of the pump. The outlet of the pump then goes to a simple manifold, More TEE’s and threaded barb connection, one that I have a hose I direct into the BIAB set up as I believe it helps with saccrifination process by passing the hot liquor through it. The other outlet I have is just a bit higher and It has an elbow inside the keggle and then a reduced threaded barbed fitting, maybe to a 3/8". That I use for recirc also and whirl pooling while chilling… I have a hard time trying to figure out how to bit a picture on this or I would post and you’d see it actually quite a simple set up. Sneezles61

What do you guys use for the bags? I think I’d like to give biab a try to save some time and not have to get as much equipment out.

You should check out

High quality bags with strong handles that should make your entry into BIAB a smooth one…


I used to use 5 gallon paint stained bags they work eat . No handles though. I still use them for straining hops and also small batches.

I have a brew bag for my keggle. Works great and is very sturdy. Cost 30 dollars well worth it.

You don’t have to go fancy or expensive on the bags. The thirty dollar ones are really nice but the $6.00 bags Northern Brewer sells work great too. I’ve never had one rip or any issues. I know you can burn the bottom of the bags if you are not being careful and ,while I’ve never done it, I’d rather screw up a $6.00 bag over the $30.00 bag. Just my two cents.

I jumped in and got the basket from biodesiel… to me, it works best. I do have a bag, but now use it to put the hops in… Sneezles61

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That looks pretty cool. Not a bad price either. Is it hard to clean?

I feel its easier than “the bag”. I do have a trough in the back yard I dump the spent grist into, and the wild animals have something to eat. Then upside down in the laundry sink, hit it with a strong stream of water… DUN. I did look at the bargain bin and have one thats very similar to a 5 gallon bucket. Sneezles61

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That’s awesome, but a bit pricey. I think I have to stick with the bag.

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