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Brew Files Podcast Episode 66 - Middling Beer

We’ve been talking a lot about lower alcohol beers recently - part of a trend - but a real problem for these beers is fewer ingredients means fewer chances to inject flavor. Drew sits down with Phil Jensen and talks about using a by-product of the flour milling industry to boost beer flavor. They may be called “middlings”, but their impact is anything but. Sit back - it’s time to taste some beer!

what’s “traceable” about a hydrometer? Re: the hydrometer ad

It means that it’s been tested and certified and there’s a record of that you can refer to.

Ah kind of like diamonds

I’ve not looked at their stuff yet… But you know, hydrometers do break… And it would also be good to get one that’s close to if not lab quality so other tools you use can be verified. Sneezles61

Oh and the middlings was fantastic info as well. I’m going to have to hunt around for it.

I purchased one awhile ago. So far, much better than prior unit I had. Solid construction and less wort needed for measurement since it is narrower than others.

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