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Brew Files Episode 80 - Chill Out Or Don't

Since travelling to Australia last year and witnessing the ubiquity of no chill brewing, Drew decided to get over his objections and see if you really can skip the chilling step when brewing at a home level. In this episode Denny and Drew breakdown the benefits, the objections and Drew’s experiences brewing the no chill way.

Another myth busted. I’ve done no chill before and have told people and u get the eyeroll. Now I guess I have backup

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Good Episode. A lot of what was discussed I’ve played around with because I don’t have a garage or hose and battling my family over the kitchen sink causes strife that makes them hate my hobby.
I will say for those of you living in snowy places that putting your kettle or wort container in the snow is a bad idea as snow is a great insulation and really keeps the heat in and lengthen cooling. You’re better to just leave it outside in the cold. I learned this when I carried my kettle of boiling water outside to bury in a busy Brooklyn sidewalk snowdrift. In this case finding a clean patch of snow that a dog hadn’t peed on was the biggest challenge.

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I chill with snow. I have a bin that I first dump 5 gallons of water in then put the pot in and add snow to keep it slushy. But this is not what’s being discussed. They are talking about no chill. I have done a quick chill then transfer to the fermenter and let it sit for 12 hrs and pitch. Again this is not what’s discussed. They are transferring 200+° water to a plastic Jerry can or bucket seal it up and wait. I would be worried about the plastic. I would think it great to use a fermenterkettle and just boil shut off the heat walk away come back later and pitch. The only problem I see it aeration

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No chill is not forcing the issue of chilling and let it cool naturally. Someone with a cold basement or garage floor is chilling compared to the options I have. There’s not a surface in my house below 74F right now. So that’s the lowest I can no chill at the moment.

I will consider my self lucky… I’m all set up to chill quickly to pitching temp and need to wait.

It’s not that were saying you SHOULD do no chill…its that you can and it works. A lot of people have no other choice.


I realize you aren’t say we should. It’s really comforting to know the reality because I often don’t have the time to complete a brew day in a day. Thanks @denny for this episode in particular.

Oh heavens Denny… wasn’t being a butt head… I am being thankful for being able to have chillin’ as a process in my routine…
And I should’ve edit my post to say I don’t have to wait…
You and Drew offer me many things to think about… Thank you 2!
Edit: maybe you were pining with Mr.Squeegee… :roll_eyes:

Ok so now we have no boil and no chill what next no fermenation. Pretty soon we’ll be able to buy good premade beer. Oh wait… probably cheaper in the long run

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No problem…I didn’t take it like that!

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I 'm not sure your analogy works. These are just different ways to make your own beer. A hobby is not defined by how much effort you put into it.

Oh I agree 100% I think of myself more as an artist than a hobbyist anyways. Can’t put a price on that. Hey I understand the no chill approach. Since I started brewing I’ve always been testing for myself things people say can’t or shouldn’t be done. As you know alot of that is bunk

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