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Brew Files Episode 57 - Old School Triple IPA

The Brew is Out There!

For some February is all about chocolate, but for the hop obsessed, February is all about the sweet, sweet bitterness of Pliny the Younger. If you don’t live in an area that gets the limited shipments of Younger or you just don’t want to wait in line, we’ve got you covered with Craig Shapland’s amazing “Old School Triple IPA” that he’s refined over the
years with new ingredients and techniques. Sit back, it’s time to get bitter!

Old School Triple IPA Recipe - Old School Triple IPA | Experimental Homebrewing

That’s some beer. Never had it. What does the MO add ?

I assume some depth of flavor.

I figured he just had some leftover. 1lb In 30lb would probably just get lost.

Yeah, that’s a good point.

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