Brew Dog Gifts to Home Brewers

As you may or not have heard, BrewDogs of the UK has released ALL of their beer recipes. . They are all grain recipes, but right now I am still at the extract . Any thoughts on how to convert them to an extract recipes ? I realize the hops are probably about the same quantities, but the quantity of grains for steeping would be different for a 2.5 gal boil instead of the 5g boil.

Henry V

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Math (or maths, if you are from the UK). Here’s a way of doing it: 3 Simple Steps for Converting All-Grain Recipes to Extract - American Homebrewers Association

If you have a brewing calculator, that helps, too.

I’m excited for Brew Dog USA. Every time I’ve had one of their beers imported, it’s been a stale, expired, muddy mess.

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Yep, same here. I thought it was me. Need to try a fresher version brewed here.