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Brew Day Tomorrow!

Going to be pitched in a porter. WY1450.

Next up, some lagers and my session IPA.


Same yeast or just giving a show of how the shake the living be-jesus into the yeast starter? Thats now how I like to seem me starters! I probably have 3 more lagers to try, then back to ales… Sneezles61

Just showing the shaken NOT stirred method. That was probably 30 mins after shaking the sh… er… heck out of it until completely foam and adding to yeast.


That looks gorgeous.

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Looks awesome

Where did you get that jug?

Online. Heads up… they are PRICEY.

I zoomed in on the photo, and saw the word Pyrex. Searched 5000ml Pyrex bottle…:astonished:

I warned ya!!! You can find them used but still pricey.

The porter is chugging away nicely now. Oddly enough, I didn’t realize that I could have made @denny Nick Danger Porter. Could have been too much Denny though! :wink:

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Too much is never enough!

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