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Brew Day Menu

I am looking for ideas of some good foods to make for a fun brew day with a buddy and his family.

We go with easy to make items that you can munch on. Many times it is Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza’s.

Some times it a roast , beef or pork, tossed in the oven early in the morning. Then sandwiches when it’s ready.

Burgers on the grill. Whole pork loins on the grill made into sandwiches.

Today it sounds like a whole ham.

Make some guac and homemade salsa. If you like the original buffalo wing taste, then bake up some chicken breasts, chop them up real good, mix with the hot sauce (not too much or it gets watery later). Put two cream cheese blocks on the bottom of a baking dish, layer the chicken, and cover with about a 1/2 inch layer of fresh moz.

Procure some 1 inch thick bone-in aged ribeye - mid rare of course.

Take a fairly large pork loin, make a slit down the middle about halfway through, but don’t cut through then ends - so you have a hot dog thing going on. Stuff with cream cheese and jalepeno - as much as you can. Then wrap the whole thing in bacon and smoke to perfection.

Or—special cheeses, baguette, assorted sausages/salami and of course some spreads - artichoke/garlic/olive oil. Whatever floats your boat.

ABT"s!! (Atomic Buffalo Turds). Jalapeno, cut in half, stuffed with cream cheese, add a little smokey sausage and then wrap in bacon and smoke.

I like to fire up the smoker while I’m brewing and smoke some ribs and a pork butt.

Excellent choice! But so much labor goes into making these!

I bake mine for 2 hours @ 225 then smoke em for about 30 mins.

Man after my own heart

Man after my own heart[/quote]
Last brew club I smoked a brisket that was well received. Did a combination smoked/BBQ turkey for wine club. I’ll smoke/BBQ year-round, only thing that keeps me away is a foot of snow on the deck.

:smiley: Never heard them called that, but man, they’re good. Pork butt and brisket are great. Stoke the firebox, mop sauce occasionally, hard to overcook.
I can’t find brisket under $4 a lb. anymore, though. :frowning:

I like to my Jalapenos stuffed whole and smoked upright in a rack like this.

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]I like to my Jalapenos stuffed whole and smoked upright in a rack like this.
[/quote]Those things are cool and work great, we have a similar one that holds chicken legs.

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