Brew beer for a year now

still think i learn everytime more even after 30 brew sessions do learn lots . thanks to the want to move to all grain but did some calculation on the cost of shipping the grains and the amount of grains i need to ship normally do buy a 6 month supply beerkits and other things shipping from miami to bonaire around 400 $think on grains weight shipping i might end up with a divorce haha

I feel for you brother. I don’t know much about extract brewing but kits are expensive. Buy extract in bulk and redo your recipes using more DME than LME since I think it will be cheaper to ship. Buy hops in bulk and save some yeast.

Offer to let forum members spend the weekend if they bring you a sack of grain in their checked luggage. And help you brew. You’ll never pay for supplies again!!

Wilcoandzaat’s Caribbean Brewcation Getaways…


I think @jmck is onto something there!

sounds like a plan sun brew and drink under the palm tree tours

Don’t forget the diving. Diving there is great right?

thats what i do for living dive instructor/ manager at a dive shop