Brew Alchemy

I have recently converted to Brew Alchemy and MacIntosh. I have previously used ProMash for years and in the process of working through a brewday this weekend, I have noted that the water required is a good 2 gallons less than what i have done for years. I know that the amount stated will not work. I typically use 1.2 qt/lb plus a gallon under my false bottom. For a 15lb grist, 1.070 IPA, I will usually use about 10 gallons of water and Brew Alchemy wants me to use 8. I have doubled checked the boil time and have no way to adjust the evaporation rate. I would hate to have to use two programs to accomplish the same thing. Any thoughts?

I just started using Beer Alchemy so I’m no pro. Did you set your grain to water ratio to 1.2? I think the default is lower than that. Also you can somewhat manually adjust your boil off if you know your evporation rate.

Yes, I’ve played with the ratio without real improvement in total volume. I probably underutilized the “water needed” page in ProMash, but now appreciate it.