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Brettanomyces claussenii starter

Having done many starters before, including B. lambicus, with no problem … I’ve had 3 unsuccessful starters with Brett claussenii. I’m using DME (ratio of grams to mL at 1:10) with a sprinkle of yeast nutrient. Does Brett C. require a lower starting pH than lambicus? Being a PhD in molecular biology, this is really making my self-esteem plummet.

How long are you waiting on the starter?

I’ve waited for 5 days … no sign of C02 production. Any tips/tricks anyone has done to build up a solid Brett C starter?

I’ve had the best results when keeping the starter >90f. 3/3 is bad, even for a phd, wink

Being a PhD candidate in cell and molecular biology and experimenting with different brett strains I found that some of them don’t want to make CO2 for a while, but eventually they get there. For example right now I have a batch of brew that I’m fermenting with a brett strain I isolated and it took about 4 days for anything at all to appear on the surface. Similar story with starters - nothing for a few days and then boom! Just give it more time and maybe up the temperature a bit.
Though I admit I never played with Brett c…

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