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Brett beer: bottling

Hey all, I racked a beer to secondary yesterday. Og was 1.061 and I racked it at a stable 1.010 and then added Brett B. This is my first foray into Brett and I’m pretty excited.

I already have all of the separate tubing and equipment.

My question is- when it comes time to bottle are the priming sugar calculations the same? I know that even when the beer reaches a point where I may like the flavor and I’m ready to bottle, the Brett may not be done and continue to drop the gravity by several points resulting in more cO2 than I want and possibly gushers and bombs.

I plan on bottling into 330ml Orval and Duvel bottles. I could keg it and save myself all the trouble but then I can’t age it out the way I want.

advice? experiences? Thanks in advance.

Give it several months and it will be stable (guessing in the 1.005 range) and you can bottle without fear using conventional sugar amounts. I’ve never had one blow although I bottle a lot in champagne bottles since you tend to want 3vol CO2.

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