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Breakfast stout carb

It’s been 13 days since I bottled it. Opened one up today, poured it into a glass and got a
¼ inch head or so but it went away just like a cola would. It acted a bit like a cola after that
except no bubbles on the side of glass. Tasted good but not fizzy. This is my first go at bottling.
Do I just need to leave it awhile longer?

Did it hiss when you opened it? Give some more info (recipe, yeast, temperature, initial and final gravities, how much priming sugar you used).

Assuming you mixed the priming sugar into the beer well, and you have a good seal on the bottles, I’d swirl the bottles to mix up any settled yeast and set them back up someplace as close to 72 as you have. Give it another week, and then try one again. Also, take one of your bottles and put it in the fridge for 3 days or so, then open it. If you don’t chill the bottles before you open them, it can make a difference.

I’ll try swirling the bottles and putting one in the fridge. The temp was between 70°-75°.
3½ oz. priming/5 gal.- 1.051/1.012G-- Nottingham - The one I opened did hiss but was warm.
Thanks. :cheers:

Happy brewing,
Big AL

Sorry, ferment temporary was 65°-68°

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