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Bravo hops

hi folks, i have a pound of unopened bravo hop pellets to use(14.2%). i’m a hophead and would like to make an all bravo dipa.all i can come up whith is that it has citrus and orange.has anyone used this hop before. does it do well by itself or should i blend? i have casc., chin.,colum.,willam. i also can bitter with mag. if bravo is too harsh. thanks to all and happy brewing! wally

Have never used Bravo hops before, but your description sounds like it would play well with Cascade. Maybe a 60 and 20min addition of bravo and some late Cascade additions. Followed by a nice healthy dry hop of both!

thanks for the reply dobe, i like the way you think! how about bravo fwh and 60, then a blend of bravo and cascade under 15, with 1 oz. ea. for dry hop. i plan to mash in around 3:00pm today. any one else use this hop.

Sounds good. Personally, I like to bitter with a neutral high AA hop like magnum and add flavor and aroma with just one hop, but why not mix it up. Those hops sound like they would complement each other so go for it.

Something else you could try… something I just did this past saturday… I was making a DFH My Antonia clone. It’s a continually hopped imperial pils. It uses a blend of warrior, simoce and czech saaz added every minute or so during the boil. I subbed magnum for warrior because it’s what I had. I weighed out my hops and blended them all together in a coffee grinder. Then I added one tablespoon every 5 minutes throughout the boil. I won’t know the outcome for a few weeks, but am very excited to try it.

i decided to go with a simple ipa recipe, mo with some crystal, magnum for bittering and bravo at fwh, 7,5,2,0. around 85 ibu’s.that should tell a story. i hope its like amarillo or some close to it. if not i’m still drinking it. i didnt taste my sample, so for better or worse, i’ll post some feedback on this hop in 2-3 weeks.

A bit old, I know, but wondering how the beer turned out? I will be receiving a pound of Bravo sometime next week and have never used them before.

oops, my bad on the delayed response. floral aroma with a citris bitter orange, slight mango a taste of pine flavor, not at all unpleasant. i think this will blend very well with other west coast hops. it also does well on it’s own, at least i liked it. and to that i say BRAVO to bravo hops ! cheers.

Thanks wallybeer, got my pound a few days ago (actually, significantly more than a pound, thanks hopsdirect), and will be brewing up a nice big IPA in the near future with these hops. Possibly mixing with some centennials, maybe even a bit of amarillo.

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