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Brand new to homebrew

Hello everyone. Im new to this but am very excited to get started. I have ordered one of NBs starter kits with Caribou Slober. Any tips or tricks and advice are welcomed.

Welcome to the forum and the obsession.

Spend a lot of time on here reading and learning.

Learn to make a yeast starter
Learn to ferment at proper temps (very important and cooler than you think)
Learn to be patient and let the beer decide when it is ready

Good luck with your first batch

Oh, and this post should probably have been in the general section rather than the kegging section

welcome to the hobby/lifestyle/source/obsession!

patience is huge. This activity is great, because it forces us to be patient in a world of impatience.

Getting way less philosophical, +1 to the above on temp control. Do that before you go all-grain. Second hand chest/upright freezer and temp controller. It will make your beer go from ‘homebrew’ to ‘great beer’.

Also, a simpler investment, buy 2 spray bottles. One for water to spray when your beer comes to a boil, and one to fill with sanitizer to sanitize surfaces.

Oh and by the way, if you make sure to clean and sanitize and let your Moose Drool sit in the primary (ale pail bucket) for 3 weeks, it is going to be the best beer you’ve ever tasted. Unless of course you’ve had Dark Lord.

Good luck out there soldier.

Thanks a lot guys. Ive been reading this forum and watching every episode of brewing tv. And I did mean to post this in the General forum but somehow ended up in kegging. Sorry bout that but thanks for goin easy on me. Im truly excited about this since I love beer and trying new beers whenever I can get a hold to one. Again thanks a million guys.

one of the great things about this hobby is the community and willingness of people to help, and it goes all the way up into mid-sized craft breweries…how many other industries do competitors share raw materials/ingredients with each other when there is a shortage!?

One thing I will caution you on, a mistake that I made: No offense to anyone on this forum or any others, but the internet in general is full of opinions and not-always-the-best information. I will post answers on this forum and have read/watched/listened to everything I can on brewing. But I’m still not an expert and my opinion on something may be completely wrong.

Advice: Read “How to Brew”, “Brewing Classic Styles”, and when you really want to get a bit more technical, “Designing Great Beers”. Believe these guys before you believe anyone on the internet (except Denny of course, his word is bon).

Also, download Jamil Zainasheff’s podcasts on whatever style you are brewing (IIRC, Caribou Slobber is an Am. Brown). They are free. They are full of awesome information. I am much more of an auditory learner, so I tend to absorb more of it.

Happy Brewin!

Cool deal I will most definetly check those sources out. I have really been enjoying the brewing tv. My girlfriend is jealous cause I spend a lot of time watching those guys. I just want to get really good at this and share my beer with all my friends.

[quote=“postalwack”]My girlfriend is jealous cause I spend a lot of time watching those guys.[/quote]I’m sure she could find a way to get you to look at her instead! :wink:

Sanitize but dont be paranoid. If you make sure everything AFTER the boil is clean and sanitized you did a perfect job on your first brew day. Everything prior to the boil should be clean but doesnt need tto be sanitized.

OH and dont let yourself make the mistake I made and think a Cleaner is the same thing as a Sanitizer.

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