Brand New Keg and Cleaning It

Hi All,
Just picked up the New Keg kit with CO2. Question is with the keg being brand new, do I just rinse it out and let it soak in star san for a few minutes…hours…? Kind of curious as to how to proceed before I drop my batch in.

Thanks for any and all help.


I would give everything a good scrubbing with PBW and then StarSan.


I agree with both replies above. I do the same with new cornies, only thing different, I filled the keg full with PBW, then soaked it for 24 hours. I added a small shot of Co2 to the keg with the PBW in it and attached the picnic type faucet to force the PBW up the dip tube. I let it sit a few hours, I then did the same with the Starsan, but only let it sit for 10 minutes.