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Brain Fart

So, I brewed a wheat beer (50/50 white wheat and pilsner malt, and carapils) and I forgot to add my finishing hops. After it was in the primary for 10 minutes I realized my error and decided to boil a few cups of water with the hops for 5 minutes - then cooled it - then added it to the primary. Thoughts?

in my opinion, you should be fine. you could also dry hop (not typical with a wheat but if you love the hops, it might leave a nice flavor) 1 or 2 ounces.

Yeah, I was thinking about tasting it at 7-10 days and dry hopping it with some Zeus whole hops if needed (have a bunch in the fridge).

sounds like a reasonable solution…and one to be copied. :wink:


I’d probably have pulled out a quart and boiled that, but I guess you’ll be OK. Hop tea is pretty nasty stuff.

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