Bourbon/vanilla bean addition?

I have a stout that is a little all over the place.

1.083 OG -FG not taken yet. (1.015)

41.2 IBU

34.1 SRM

estimated ABV 9%

So its like a Imperial oatmeal stout, but mainly all English malts, fermented with WLP001. Anyways I have a mason jar with 1oz oak chips, 2 whole vanilla beans (chopped) and 6 shots of Knob creek that has been sitting for about two months now. I want to sanitize a muslin bag and just add this all to the keg. If I leave that in there for the remainder of the beers life could the vanilla beans add a weird flavor after a while? I imagine everything in the beans has been extracted but figured I would post to see if there’s something I should be concerned about. Thanks.

I just strain the alcohol into the keg, it has picked up all the flavor from the other ingredients by now. If you do add it all you will be fine as well.

I added everything. My thinking behind this is that the alcohol in the wood will come out in exchange with beer and maybe continue to add some more depth over time. We shall see. Beer taste great though.