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Bourbon Oak Stout?

From my online searches I like this one the most. Any obvious notes of grievance or additions? Mine is the “cheap bourbon” part. I feel like if I want to make quality beer I need to use quality ingredients. I’m leaning toward Johnny Walker Red or Makers Mark.

The recipe looks fine. Some interesting options in there.

I would go with the cheap bourbon. I can tell you from experience that you will not be able to tell the difference and I think it would be foolish to use expensive bourbon just to soak into chips. I would also consider adding some bourbon to taste as you probably won’t get too much bourbon flavors from the chips.

Yeah, I was thinking about 4-6 oz. in the secondary. As far as cheap vs. quality, I was thinking more in terms of what’s left afterward :wink:

And no one has a problem with the hops? I feel like 27 IBUs is far too little for a stout…

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