Bourbon BBl Porter

I really like a good Porter so I brewed Bourbon BBl Porter extract kit. Exactly like the recipe says, with one exception. After steeping the oak cubes in the bourbon for 3 days, I poured the the bourbon and cubes carefully in and let it rest for another 2weeks.
Bottled it and waited another 2 weeks…
Holy Schmoly is it ever “woody” tasting :oops: I pulled the case I had chilling out of the fridge in the hopes that I can save it by letting it sit in the bottle longer at room temp. Is this even possible? I’m hoping so, because I just bottled a big batch of Rebely Rye Porter last weekend. I could be looking at a 100 bottles of beer on the wall
Thanks for any help and suggestions :cheers:

Merry Christmas to all!

I’m kind of surprised you have such a strong wood taste after 3 days on the booze.

I did a Rebel Rye earlier this year, and soaks the oak on the rye whiskey for 2 weeks, and there is just a hint of the oak.

If it was me, I’d let it age some, and then have a bunch of buddies over and tell them it’s a blind taste test. See what they say.

let it sit. How old is it since the day you brewed it? Only about 6 weeks or so? I brew this beer annually in February/march or so for the following fall/winter. I think you are maybe just drinking it a little young maybe. Give it some time.

I soaked oak chips over night, then bagged them and added them. I pulled them on the 6th day, and was worried I had left them to long. After a month of bulk aging it was fine.


Getting ready to crack a bomber of BBP 2011…excited to see what a year has done to it! Tip for those wishing to age some…pack a few bottles away with your Xmas decorations when you take then down…easy!

Brew day for the Porter was 10-27-12
Secondary on 11-10 (2 weeks)
Added Bourbon+steeped oak on 11-23
Bottled on 12-8
41 days from start to finish. Plus 2 weeks in the bottle… 8 weeks TTL.

So you guys are waiting MONTHS? I’m a patient man and I can wait for a good beer. What choice do I have I guess? I’ll bring it back upstairs where its a little warmer and let it age another month. Do a taste test and see.
It’s not all bad, I’ll have 100+ bottles of Porter for next winter.