Bourbon Barrel Porter

Hi guys im brewing the bourbon barrel porter extract kit! I’m 2 weeks into a primary fermentation.Without taking a hydrometer reading any advice on going just two weeks in primary or should I give it three weeks and then secondary? It’s been fermenting at 62-64 degrees. Thanks!

New to brewing just only 3 5 gallon extract and today a 1 gallon batches done. So I will just let you know what I did. I’m still at the point of pretty much following the instructions. I did take a OG for the first time and was at 1.064-65 so I was pretty much right on for what it said.

I brewed the bourbon barrel porter October 24th I let it go 2 weeks then moved to secondary plan to add bourbon+chips, also I’m going to add vanilla vodka+vanilla beans Dec 3rd then 2 weeks more in secondary then keg. I have really loved the smell already, can’t wait to taste the final product.

This is not what you are going to want to hear but here it goes. Take your time. Most will say that after 2 weeks all fermentation is done. When I started out I went with 2 weeks in the primary, then I bottled. Then I went to 3 weeks as a rule in the primary and then bottled. This last time, I went 4 weeks in the primary and then this past weekend I kegged. I have to say that each time I increased the time in the primary, the resulting beer was better. Most will also tell you that there is no need to move to a secondary. I am in that camp. So be patient. Let it go for another 2 weeks in the primary and then bottle, or keg. You will be rewarded.

Thanks guys! I’m Definetly not in any hurry with this beer! This is my 4th kit and have only have done a secondary with the pumpkin ale. I’m only doing a secondary with this brew cause I heard with the addition of oak cubes and bourbon?

Some styles you can rush along but a porter only gets better with time :cheers:

This is one of my favorite NB kits. I’ve done it both extract and AG. Both were fantastic. But with both I had over carbonation due to, I think, racking to secondary too quickly. I’ll reiterate what basement and cat have said–give it plenty of time. You won’t be disappointed.

I’d leave it in primary for as long as you can stand it (3-4 weeks), take hydrometer readings, then bottle or keg. You can do the oak additions in the primary–and be careful with the oak. I used the full volume of oak in the recipe the first time, only half the second. Half was plenty for me.

Good luck!


In week three take your first hydrometer reading first SG. Check the calibration on your hydrometer first. Temperature correct the reading and then put it in your notes. Take a second reading in week four. Don’t rush this one.

What yeast are you using?

Thanks guys I will be patient! Flars I’m using the Danstar Windsor dry ale yeast that was with the the kit!

I brewed this beer on March 1st and didn’t keg it until May 5th, it was great but really could have used another month. This is one of the few beers I use a secondary for.

Have you guys used the recommended amount of 16oz of bourbon

I only used 12 oz and thought it needed more so the next time I would add 16oz. But again that’s a personal taste. If your kegging you can always add more but bottling you will need to make a decision .

I used a pint of Makers Mark. BTW did I tell you it was pretty good beer. :slight_smile:

Here’s some good advice as well: I went back to my notes on this one and now I remember this guy needed a blowoff tube. This one ferments like Krakatoa …I would put a blowoff tube in a small bucket about 1’2 full of Starsan.

I made my starter and I’m brewing this one tonight! I had a sample of it at my NB and thought it would make a great addition to my schedule.


hi guys sort of a late question to add to this subject! My bourbon porter is now in secondary fermentation. My question is after soaking the bourbon oak for 48hrs in bourbon do I just put the bourbon in the carboy? What happens to the bourbon oak do they go in the carboy as well?

Now that’s a matter of opinion. Last year I just put in the bourbon not the chips and kegged. Then bottled off the keg. A few of the bombers I put in one of the bourbon soake chips and I liked it so this year chips and all.

Thanks ya I’m gonna soak em in bourbon for 48hrs? That’s what it says did you soak them longer or will it make a difference?

That sounds about right

Thanks for the help!!!:+1:

Making my second batch of the bourbon barrel. What I read above sounds familiar. Dumped in the chips and bourbon into secondary. Bottled two weeks later. Bottle bombs - lost 5 in 24 hours. This batch going 4 weeks in secondary and plan on just putting soaked chips in for one additional week. (Soaked chips for 1 week in 12 oz Makers Mark). What did the rest of you get for your FG at bottling? First batch was 1.026, seams high and probable contributed to the over carbonation.