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Bourbon Barrel Porter Yeast Substitution

Hello All,
I am going to be brewing the Bourbon Barrel Porter for the first time and after doing some reading on using the recommended dry yeast(Windsor Danstar), I have discovered this yeast has a pretty low attenuation. I’ve seen quite a few posters say the final gravity ended up around 1.025-1.030. To get a higher abv would it be acceptable to substitute the Windsor Danstar for something that will have better attenuation. S-05 maybe? Would this be a bad idea/negatively impact the flavor?

Us-05 is American ale strain that clean and crisp and is all around a great yeast. In my opinion a little to clean for a porter. S-04 is a English ale yeast that works great for porters. Fast fermenting, high flocculation. Not to fruity and full body. A lot like Windsor but much better yeast in my opinion.

I like the US-05 for the porter. I would definitely recommend it.

Quick question, are we talking about a dry yeast pack here? Since this is going to be my next project I am certainly interested in all the details of this thread.


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