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Bourbon barrel porter stuck fermentation?

Hoping for some advice, never did a high gravity beer before, and like a idiot, I did not take any precautions with the yeast and only used one pack of dry yeast and did not use any nutrient. It had a very vigorous initial fermentation but it only lasted about 3 days and then the krausen fell. The temps dropped a bit low one night (52) and I moved it to a warmer room and shook/swirled the carboy a bit to see if it would help get things going again, but it is day 16 of fermentation and hydrometer reading is stuck at 1.03. Should I try repitching some yeast or move to secondary and proceed as the rest of the recipe states? I have never added yeast after the initial pitch so I don’t want to make things worse by trying to make it better but I don’t want awful sweet weak beer either. Was holding off on transferring to secondary and adding oak soaked bourbon until I figured on what my final gravity should be. Advice? Thanks~

I’d get a starter going of the yeast you started with, then pitch the starter at its most active. You should be able to knock it down a bit.


Try rack to a secondary, use some of the existing yeast and make a starter, once its started and going, re pitch… Just a thought… Sneezles61

Could always drop in another packet of dry yeast.

so I should rack it to a secondary before adding more yeast or trying a starter off the old yeast- correct? Sorry I have not had to do this before…just been lucky to date!

I would get a new packet of the same yeast strains, get a starter going, and pitch it. Primary/secondary, doesn’t matter at this point.

You can try to pitch more yeast. Or add some oxygen as well to it. Me use two kinds of starters. If i brew higher than. 1.060 grav beers. Seems to work. And i do add oxygen for about two min. Before i do pitch the yeast

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