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Bourbon Barrel Porter Question From New Brewer

Good day to All,
Once the Primary Fermentation has been completed and the specific gravity has become steady, I plan on transferring the fermented beer into a secondary vessel and adding the bourbon/oak mixture to this and allow to condition for another week or two. That will depend on when it gets to the oak taste that I would like. I will be doing the primary fermentation temperature in the range of 66-70 degrees, as recommended in the directions that came with the kit. I know this is a critical temp for the porter style beer. So to my main question that I started this discussion for. Once I move to my secondary vessel, is the temperature for the rest of the time before bottling critical?? Thanks in advance

You’ll be fine with your stated temps…

Sneezles61…Thanks for your quick response!!

I guess my main question is: Once primary fermentation has completed and I move the beer product to my secondary vessel, does the 66-70 degree temperature need to be maintained while I am conditioning with the bourbon soaked oak? My normal temp in the room that the seconday vessel would be moved to is 72 - 75 degrees. Thanks in advance

Once your main fermentation is done, temp is not nearly as critical, especially for an ale. You’re really not getting a “secondary” fermentation, it’s more of what we call a brite tank, used for clearing the beer and aging. No fermentation will actually be happening (if you’ve truly reached final gravity and you don’t introduce any more fermentables) so being at that room temp won’t have an effect on flavor.
Also remember that if you bottle, figuring your amount of priming sugar is based on the highest temp your beer reached during fermentation. I’ve overcarbed several porters by going by the temp of the beer right before bottling rather than during fermentation.

And be careful with your sanitation as you pull samples for tasting. Sanitize anything and everything that will come in contact with the beer in the carboy.

Best of luck-love me a good bourbon porter!



Are you adding bourbon barrel oak or soaking your own chips/cubes in bourbon?

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