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Bourbon Barrel Porter Final Gravity


For my second time brewing, I am making the Bourbon Barrel Porter extract kit. My original gravity was 1.065, and my not-quite final gravity in racking to the secondary was 1.025.

In the product reviews of this kit, one person says 1.024, and another says 1.016. So,I was just wondering: what final gravity others had achieved with this kit (if you keep notes)?


After 17 days in the primary mine was @1.030. After another 4 days it was the same. Then after 13 days in the secondary it dropped to 1.025. Then another 7 days and 1.024. I think I have a relatively recent thread with all of my experience with it thus far, should be bottling in the next few days.

The one time I brewed this I believe it was 1.026. It’s pretty standard for the Danstar Windsor
to finish with a lower attenuation.

Thanks! I had not read far enough into that thread about yeast.

My fermenting experience with it was of the seemingly typical variety: you better have a blow-off tube! Luckily, I heeded that advice. Though, I am now thinking that I should have tried swirling the settled yeast and perhaps warming it up slightly to get a little more attenuation before racking to the secondary. I’ll save that thought for next time.

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