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Boulevard Going to Pry Off Bottles

Good news for homebrewers who are also fans of Boulevard ... 764&type=1

Sweet…finally no more brown bottles that are wasted in the recycle bin.

Has anyone seen any of these pry off Boulevard bottles yet?

I was just thinking about this beer, I was in kc in '06 and drank alot of it

… wait? There are still homebrewers who don’t keg?

Can you say " I have to send my beer to a competition?" Yes, i can Mr. Rogers, and everything is alright in the home brew neighborhood…

I only saw them at the Parkville Mibrobrew Fest when they were pouring hoppy wheat. I was bummed last weekend when a friend brought over some Boss Tom’s and I had to recycle the bottles. I thought for sure those would be pry off. I guess it will take a while to burn through twisties in the market.

If you happen to be in the Sprigfield MO area, Mothers Brewing CO. also uses pry offs.

Yep. It’s nice being able to grab a sixer (or more) if i’m headed to a party, family gathering, tailgating, etc…

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