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Bought a mash tun and hop bag

I bought a bag for the mash tun today. I bought the 7.5 gal bag. I also am trying to put the hops in the bag.

Hops in the bag for the boil? Have you tried the muslin bags? Ives used them with success before.

Muslin bags. Nice. Just pull them out. Once done brewing. You might want to look into a hop spider

The brew bag yes, but the hop bag no. I am going to try the hop bag a few times first. If I like it, I might want to find something permit. A couple of question? If I have different hop times, do I use another bag? Will the bag leave an off favor? It might seem silly ?s , but thought.

Yes, you’ll need a bag for each addition. They don’t add an off flavor that I’ve detected. Like @wilcolandzaat suggested, you may want to look into a hop spider. Happy brewing!

I always use the cheap muslin bags for hops. One less mess to deal with. My brew sculpture has a hook that you can tie a string to so that when you are done just pull the bag of spent hops out and toss it.

SS Baskets… Utah Bio Deisel…
The first one I bought is about the size of a 5 gallon bucket…
That was my BIAB set up… Now that basket is used for hops, and I have another one that fits snuggly in my 20 gallon Spike kettle… This is a killer set up… Sneezles61

I got a set of giant balls, each 4 inches in diameter. Tea balls, that I use for the hop additions.

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Whew… I was hoping you weren’t … you know… :scream: Sneezles61

Wasn’t sure where you were headed with this one… :joy:

I use paint strainer bags for hops in the boil. Finer mesh than muslin and stronger. A 5 gallon paint strainer bag will hold a lot of hops and still billow out in the boil to allow the wort to pass through easily. I’ve been using the same ones for literally years…just rinse them out and shake the dust off when dry like with your brew bag.

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