I want to serve my Smashing Pumpkin Ale in a growler this year. Can you bottle and age directly in a one gallon growler?

Most growlers are 1/2 gallon. A standerd growler is not recommended but I believe some of the ones you can buy may be suitable. I’m sure the stainless steel ones would work.

The glass thickness of a growler is designed to hold the pressure of being filled with a carbonated beer. A growler may not be able to with stand the pressures developed during bottle carbonation. This is a do it at your own risk thing.

So glad I asked. I’ve had bottles explode on me. Thank you.

I do it all the time with extra beer that won’t fit in kegs. Just to be safe, I put the growlers in a cooler and close the lid for a month while they carbonate. I’ve never had an incident. I use 1/2 oz corn sugar per growler.

I like to bottle some of my beer into 1 liter and 2 liter plastic bottles. Works great!