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Bottling Yeast

When pitching bottling yeast… I fermented with US-05 but I have a vial of WL001… Can I use this? Can I just pitch the whole vial. Thank you.

You can, but you’d be wasting good yeast. Use 1-2 grams of dry yeast and save the expensive liquid for making beer.

Rehydrate or… Just pitch and rack on?

Why do you think you need to re-yeast?

Dry yeast is pretty darned close to the same price as liquid anymore. I think I’d maybe split a vial of liquid between a new starter (to grow and save) and the beer.

I get US-05 for 2.25 a pack… Vial is 6.99… I need to reyeast for bottling. My barleywine has been in the secondary for 7 months.

Wow US05 is closer to $4 around here as of last year.

Yes you do probably need to re-yeast. The times I’ve done it, I’ve rehydrated in a minimal amount of water and pitched. I think you could pitch dry and it would work too. I don’t rehydrate when I use dry yeast, but pitching into beer vs wort is a little more of a challenge for the yeasties. ... grams.html

I guess it went up to 2.75…

I will just rehydrate a small portion and keep the vail for a pale!

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