Bottling Weissbier

Trying to bottle my Weissbier with lager yeast that I collected from some Erdinger bottles. I cold crashed the beer and only racked off the top 2 gallons to bottle. The rest I kegged. What temperature shoul I condition the bottles at ?

Doesn’t wheat brews enjoy a bit warmer temps? Thinking I read that wheats enjoyed of the old world was merely left in a stone crock in the shade/dark room… Sneezles61

I fermented with wl300 Heff ale yeast. I cold crashed to drop that out and trying to condition with the Erdinger schneeweisse yeast I collected and grew up from the bottle. Their site says they bottle with lager yeast so that’s what I’m doin.

I’m having a hard time coming up with a benefit of conditioning with a lager yeast, but I think I’d shoot for lager primary temps, maybe 48-50F or so. Do they have any explanation as to why they use lager yeast?

Apparently its traditional for German breweries to bottle their heffs with lager yeast. They filter out the ale yeast to stabilize the flavor and the lager yeast used in conditioning preserves that flavor. At least according to this article anyway.

Interesting, thanks! I really don’t know for sure, but my gut says lager fermentation temps would be best.