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Bottling today

The last batch I bottled had its debut this weekend and one of the qualities was its carbonation level. People said it had great carbonation. Here is my dilemma. That beer was bottles at .022 and I added 5oz of bottling sugar. The batch I will bottle today fermented down to .014. Should I add more than the 5oz.

Are you thinking the first beer wasn’t finished fermenting when you bottled it? If it was finished at 1.022, it finished there because the remaining sugars were not fermentable. Brewers yeast cannot metabolize certain types of sugars.

I suggest using a calculator to determine the amount of priming sugar required based on beer style:

The correct answer has more to do with the beer’s style, not its FG. Assuming that is, that the two gravities you cited represented complete fermentations. The last beer I bottled at 1.023 gave me a case and a half of gushers and one bomb because it was actually stuck at 1.023, and should have finished lower; the priming sugar woke it up.

5 oz. priming sugar is the one-size-fits-all answer. NB has a calculator available on the website to dial in the exact amount of carbonation appropriate to the style. You might be surprised to find it tells you to use less than 5.

The first beer was supposed to be lower .015 it stopped fermenting because I believe varying temps . I was able to control the bottle condition temps better. You think I just got lucky? Nothing blew up.

The first one could very well ferment a bit more in the bottle if there are any left and they are stored in a warm area. Then they would be very much over carbonated. Not enough to explode a bottle though. Stick with 4-5oz per 5 gallons as a general rule and you should be fine.

Ok good. Thanks

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