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Bottling time?


I brewed this batch(NB Irish Red) on the 10, racked to secondary on 15 and today I’m considering bottling. I moved the carboy into the kitchen (78F) from fermentation chamber. Looks like I have some air lock activity now. I’m guessing from the move?

My questions are:

Should I bottle now? (1-2-3)
If not could I leave the carboy covered from sunlight at this temp and maybe bottle in a few more days?
Is 78F room temp ok now? It was at 64F during primary fermentation.


Did you have stable hydrometer readings over period of three to four days before you racked to the secondary? Five days is usually not enough time for a fermentation to be completed.

Stop following outdated instructions. :wink:

Let the beer tell you when it’s done. Not the calendar.

+1 to the above, but you are probably just witnessing off-gassing from the movement of the carboy. Next time just primary for the full 3-4 weeks and take hydrometer readings to be sure.


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